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Classic San Francisco Victorian Homes


"I was Mayor for eight years.  John was Mayor for one day on Youth in Government Day!  Between the two of us we know and love the City.  I am not available to take you on a tour, but luckily John is and he will give you a great taste of San Francisco."

Willie L. Brown, Jr. former Mayor of San Francisco

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"Thank you again for a stimulating hour.  Not only are you brilliant, you have a gift for speaking with focused intensity and economy of words that holds an audience in rapt attention."

Karen Crommie, Economic Round Table of San Francisco

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"John Rothmann of Rothmann Talks and Tours served as our guide when we took a group of San Francisco based diplomats on a tour of Jewish San Francisco. From start to finish it was an excellent experience in every respect.  John's knowledge of the City and the community is extensive, deep and entertaining. He fascinated the tour participants with historical anecdotes, continually interspersed with humor.  The time passed all to quickly after which diplomats from all corners of the globe were full of praise for John and all that they had seen and learned.  I very strongly recommend John Rothmann and Rothmann Talks and Tours."

Mervyn Danker, Regional Director ~ American Jewish Committee

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"John Rothmann is a San Francisco institution - home grown and nurtured by the values our city treasures.  He's engaging and educating lifelong learners at the University of San Francisco's Fromm Institute for more than a decade and his indefatigable spirit keeps his subjects fresh and his research at the cutting edge of current.  His expansive knowledge is only exceeded by his oratorical skills and he has never failed at presenting lectures that have left his audience feeling extremely satisfied and wanting more."

Robert E. Fordham, Executive Director ~ Fromm Institute at University          of San Francisco

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"John Rothmann is a wonderful racountour.  He knows San Francisco, its history, its streets, its legends and its secrets.  Take tour with Rothmann Talks and Tours and you are in for a treat."
  Richard Johns, President of the San Francisco Museum                and Historical Society

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"As the organizer of Bay Area Road Scholar programs, I have had the pleasure of working with John Rothmann for over seven years. John is our most popular instructor. Given his vast wealth of knowledge in history and political science, participants sign up for a program just to hear John, regardless of the subject. His passionate delivery leaves people hungry for more. The quotations listed below are from our participants."                                                                   

Dana Martise, Program Manager ~ Road Scholar 

"Rothmann is a natural, he can do current news and its interpretation at any time and it will be different and give us new ways of viewing the world."

"Rothmann was outstanding.  No holds barred reviews with a lot of inside information.  Worked hard at giving honest reviews. Presents with a lot of passion. Wish he had a regular radio talk show I could listen to down here in San Diego."

"I think John Rothmann is a very informative speaker. He is involved with his subject, knows everything, and is able to communicate all of the information without prejudice. I think this is very rare, not to say almost impossible to find. I learn a great deal from him every time I hear him."

"John Rothmann is fantastic. He knows his subject, has had many experiences on his topic. He's a talented speaker, a big draw for people to come if he is on the agenda."

"I most enjoyed the class on the 20th Century American Presidents. John Rothmann is an outstanding presenter. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and held his audience for two sessions of nearly three hours each wishing that we had even more time with him."

"Rothmann is unique. Very, very interesting."

"John Rothmann was terrific. He appeared to be enjoying his presentation as much as I was in listening to him."

"The best course was John Rothmann's. The caliber of his research and content was what I came to Road Scholar for. He had pertinent information which was presented in an excellent manner."