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Impress your colleagues or clients with a private speaking engagement with John Rothmann. He is available to speak on a broad variety of topics to your business associates, employees or for fellow convention or club members. His appearance at your event will add value by demonstrating the importance of national and world news and how it impacts us and others. If it is a lunch or a dinner meeting, John will provide the food for thought. The following is a partial list of speaking topics. For special event topics, John will be ready with a solid presentation tailored to your needs and interests.

Lectures available upon request.

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  • What Is It Really Like to Be a Radio Talk Show Host? Get an insider's view and hear insights into the state of radio today.
  • Problems of Political Leadership in America. Why we succeed and fail as we seek and select political leadership.
  • The Ethnic Factor in American Politics. Is there a definable ethnic vote and why does it matter in deciding elections?
  • The President and Foreign Policy. The president has a decisive impact in the making of foreign policy. Is the President too strong and should the power of the president be reduced?
  • 20th Century American Presidents That Made a Difference. Individual presidents have an enormous impact on our country and the world. It does make a difference who is president.
  • The Life and Times of Richard Nixon. His rise, his fall and his impact on America represent a remarkable chapter in our history.
  • The American Vice Presidency. The vice presidency is not a joke. It really is important in American political life.
  • The Battle for the Soul of the Republican Party. This topic focuses on the death of liberal Republicanism, the rise of the religious right and the power of the Tea Party. It is based in part on John's widely acclaimed book Harold E. Stassen-The Life and Perennial Candidacy of the Progressive Republican.
  • Defeated Candidates for President: Their Impact on Parties, Politics and Policy. The men who lost often had a great impact on the course of American history. Their lives and contributions are as interesting as the winners.
  • Levels of Conflict in the Middle East. Super power conflicts, the Arab states vs. Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will all be explored.
  • Varieties of Extremism in the Middle East. The rise of Radical Islam and its impact in certain countries will be analyzed. Based in part on John's bestselling book Icon of Evil - Hitler's Mufti and the Rise of Radical Islam.
  • Zionism and Israel. This topic centers on the evolution of the national liberation of the Jewish people and the resurrection of a free independent Jewish State.
  • Pope John XXIII and the Jews.  Proclaimed a saint with good reason, this great and good Pope has a phenominal story.
  • Jews in San Francisco, the Evolution of a Community. The contributions of Jews to the growth and development of San Francisco.